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08 agosto 2023

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Here are the next tasting packs: top wines from all over the world to enjoy and learn at home, in a tasting format, with 3 wines per pack containing the equivalent of two glasses of wine per wine tube:


Tasting Pack #1:  Top Blendings

Sometimes, blends of varieties are intended to disguise possible defects but, in general, what is achieved is a greater harmony and complexity in the wines, making them much more tasty and interesting. In this tasting kit you will find 3 of the best blends in the world.


Tasting Pack #2: Classics old Europe reds 

It is well known that wine has been made in old Europe for thousands of years. In its current countries we find some that have made a well-deserved place for themselves and have become classics in their area. Examples that are a true reflection of the area they come from, its culture and tradition through indigenous varieties, local elaborations and a unique way of consumption.


Tasting Pack #3: New World Wines

A true winelover should try to get to know all wine-growing regions, even if they are far from the traditional European ones. Especially if they have the optimal conditions for growing vines and producing wines with a unique character, as is the case here. In this kit you will find wines from areas such as Chile, the vast Argentina or California and you will discover how the varieties express themselves in very different areas.


Tasting Pack #4: Sauvignon blanc in different continents

A more than interesting exercise to learn how the terroir influences the development of the vineyard and therefore the wine, is to taste wines of the same variety from different regions of the world. This is the one proposed in this kit: sauvignon blanc from different areas. 


Tasting Pack #5: Single varietals 100% 

Do you want to discover how some of the most widespread varieties in the world express themselves? With this tasting kit you can try three wines made entirely from a single variety to discover what they are like, what aromas and flavours they have depending on the area they come from.


Tasting Pack #6: Blind tasting

Blind tasting is one of the most interesting exercises for the wine enthusiast, as it tests the knowledge acquired by those who taste "by the label". Well, time to put that knowledge to the test. As easy, or not, as trying to guess if it is a single varietal or not, what variety/varieties it is made of, geographical area, vintage, if it is a young wine or if it has been aged in oak barrels... Let's get to work! 


Tasting Pack #7: Natural Wines

Natural wines are a testament to the art of simplicity. Made using organic or biodynamic farming practices, these wines avoid pesticides and synthetic additives, allowing the grapes to express the true flavours of their terroir. If you want to know some examples of these wines, here you have this kit.


Tasting Pack #8: Chilly Rosés

Have you also succumbed to the pink trend? Rosé wines, which originated in Provence in France, have made a place for themselves in all wineries today thanks to their versatility, which makes them the best accompaniment for lunches, aperitifs and desserts.


Tasting Pack #9: Most famous Whites all around the world

Getting to know the best-known white wines of certain regions helps us to know more about the history and tradition of the places, the landscapes and character of the people who live there; in short, to get to know their culture. Here we propose a trip around the world through them.


Tasting Pack #10: Grenaches all around the world

Garnacha is a grape variety whose origin is in Spain, although today it is widely planted all over the world. In fact, it can be found all over the world, usually in dry and warm climates. Here we bring you a representation of this grape in different latitudes.


Tasting Pack #11: Wines made up by women

The role of women in the wine industry is increasingly present and it is not surprising to see women in the technological, commercial and field areas. In this kit we present the result of many years of work by several essential women in the world of wine.


Tasting Pack #12: Budget-Friendly Wines

Despite their low cost, for which one would expect wines without much interest, these wines offer pleasant profiles as well as affordability. White wines such as this Txakoli can show refreshing acidity with a vibrant, fruity flavour. Similarly, reds such as Malbec and some blends would show fruity characteristics with soft tannins. Enjoy them!