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June 06, 2023

Second Winery: A Revolution in Wine Education and Winery Branding


The new virtual reality start-up Second Winery will change the face of wine education while also providing change to know intimately the inner working of the world’s best wineries.


Second Winery and its partner, the new Institute for Global Wine Innovation and Education, have already gained the participation of prominent wineries in Spain, France, Italy, and Portugal and are in discussions with many more including in Napa Valley and Argentina. The Institute, which will grant wine specialist certifications, has also earned the backing of European wine appellation regulatory councils and industry players.


Second Winery allows subscribers to visit detailed 3-D replicas of wineries and actually participate in vineyard management and winemaking. Subscribers can either use their computers or virtual reality equipment. The project will outdo competitors in the wine education sphere such as the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)  and the Society of Wine Educators by learning about wine through doing. From pruning the vines to harvesting the grapes, and from stirring the lees to making blending decisions, subscribers will learn through engagement and the use of machine intelligence or AI. A virtual sommelier will answer questions about wine, winemaking, the specific wineries, and viticulture. The critical element of guided wine tasting will occur using samples sent to subscribers’ homes.


Gone will be the days of wine education occurring through boring academic classes, yet the curriculum is detailed, providing a comprehensive introduction to the world of wine. Second Winery combines virtual reality, machine learning (such as chatGPT), and serious wine knowledge. Interaction can be either written or verbal. Subscribers gain access not only to parts of the participating wineries never seen by tourists, but also get to make wine virtually while in the comfort of their homes. Detailed vineyard landscapes, true to the originals, also change by time of day and season. Pruning the vines takes place in winter on leafless vines, while harvest takes place in summer, the plants laden with ripe grapes.


Second Winery and the Institute will revolutionize wine education, starting at the beginning level. No prior knowledge or experience with wine is required, and the process will be fun and exciting as subscribers actually help make wine in different wineries around the globe, tasting the wines at home. No existing wine education program offers such an opportunity. It represents the future of wine education.