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Through Second Winery you will not only enjoy exploring the nooks and crannies of each winery and vineyard, but you will also learn about wine in an intuitive and immersive way, from Wine 101 to the most advanced wine class level. Knowledge is acquired during visits and at different levels of learning and taking on different winemaking roles, completing practical winemaking skills at visited wineries and obtaining badges that prove your success. With this platform, you can explore the best wineries worldwide inside an astoundingly detailed 3D environment, using winegrowing challenges, games, AI, and social interaction to learn through activities such as harvesting, grape selection and crushing, fermentation, and blending the final superb wine: red, white, rose, sparkling, and fortified. After completing all levels and passing a final exam, you will earn a valuable and recognized wine certification. And that wine tasting class you’ve always wanted will come to you!

Become a Wine Pro

You will learn about the production processes, grape varieties, wine regions and their characteristics, influence of the soil on wine ... and for the most demanding, the option of wine tastings from the visited wineries through various packs of six bottles sent to your home, thus enhancing your skills in wine sensory analysis. You will truly help make the wine, working in 3D at the sorting table, in the vat room, or amongst the barrels.

Second Winery Wine Authority

We just make it simpler

Once you have passed all the levels, you will receive a SWWE certificate that qualifies you as a Wine Pro. This immersive and intuitive learning method, without the need to study or attend extra training, is totally innovative, and allows approaching the culture of wine in a more enjoyable and less overwhelming way than through other methods. We just make it simpler!