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Second Winery is a digital universe, made up of the most emblematic wineries in the world. It was founded on three pillars, each granting it the unique characteristics of a metaverse:

  • The wineries are recreated in 3D, with each detail mirroring the originals.
  • Your tasting kit delivered to your home every month with top worldwide wines.
  • An unrivalled and interactive learning platform through each digital space: an innovative type of wine class.

Our company was founded in the United Kingdom in 2022 by a dedicated team of experienced wine experts. Coupled with leading 3D and Artificial Intelligence technology, we established Second Winery: the first metaverse in the world of wine.

Experience every digital twin of the most famous wineries worldwide

Second Winery’s vision is to redefine how we approach wine tourism. We want to offer you an alternative to a physical visit, by providing you with a virtual replica that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

With the life-like 3D models of each winery, you encounter an immersive, high-quality, virtual experience as well as an interactive kind of wine studies. Once you visit our 3D wineries, you will come to understand how they produce and mature wine and how they maintain their vineyards, down to the last detail.

By using VR glasses, you can experience this in even greater detail, rivalling a real-life visit, but without the cost or environmental consequences of worldwide travel.

Before Second Winery, no opportunity to easily travel around the world to visit wineries. Now you can do so in seconds!

As we continue to grow, we will partner with more renowned wineries for you to discover.

Travel to most recognized wine regions from your computer Bordeaux, Rioja, Napa, Tuscany, Mendoza, Douro, Western Cape…


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